Chickenshed Players
at 14th street Y

We are thrilled to be able to offer our Chickenshed Players programs to 14th street Y members with their regular 14% discount--and if you sign up with a friend or family member, they come for FREE!

Chickenshed NYC is an inclusive theatre company for young people of all backgrounds and abilities, whose mission is to create entertaining and outstanding theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change.

Chickenshed’s model of Inclusive Theatre is based in the belief that everyone can flourish when everyone is included. Our no-audition policy empowers all of our Players to contribute their ideas and creativity as they collaborate to produce remarkable theatre.

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​PLAYERS (5-7)

Our youngest Chickenshed Players will have fun with theatrical games, singing, dancing, puppetry, storytelling, and basic American Sign Language, under the guidance and support of professional Teaching Artists. Our activities focus on encouraging creativity and building confidence as children begin to explore the performing space around them.

In this age group, children use their imaginations to explore all aspects of theatre through playful activities without the pressure of an end-of-term public performance. They do take part in performances for their parents and carers throughout the year.

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​PLAYERS (7-10)

Children of all abilities and backgrounds take part in theatrical and creative activities, as they rehearse for their December stage debut in a new musical, “‘Twas The Night Before,” in front of a live audience.

Our methodology fosters inclusion, compassion and kindness and encourages Players to contribute their ideas and creativity--out of which emerges a unique and vibrant theatrical experience. A high Teaching Artist-to-student ratio allows us to facilitate small group projects and establishes the foundations for strong relationships within our theatrical community.

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​PLAYERS (10-13)

Kids of all abilities and backgrounds develop their creative skills and become the next generation of theatre-makers as they rehearse a brand new musical: “‘Twas The Night Before.” Our no-audition approach to theatre-making empowers each Player to be a successful member of a theatrical ensemble when they perform in front of a live audience in December.

Led by talented professional Teaching Artists, these Players are encouraged to become part of a team as they build and foster relationships with their peers. This inclusive methodology strengthens a unique and diverse theatrical community.

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​CP 4 (13-17+)

Teens of all abilities and backgrounds bring their individual creativity and strengths and use the power of the performing arts to inspire and engage each other as they rehearse a brand new musical, “Twas The Night Before,” adapted from the hugely successful show performed at Chickenshed in London.

As older Players develop their performance skills, they have the opportunity to mentor others. Guided by the artistic team, they will find themselves experiencing a wider range of theatrical activities and training. As Players gain confidence and experience, they are encouraged to create and lead projects that involve younger Players as well as their peers.

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Chickenshed NYC is launching an exciting new global performing arts opportunity for teens of all abilities and backgrounds.

Participants from the USA, UK and Finland come together online to share cultures and perspectives on a range of theatrical themes. This is a year-long program over three semesters. Commencing on Zoom, the project aims to culminate with all the participants coming together to rehearse and perform in one of the three countries taking part in the program.

One Shed empowers everyone to be part of a more inclusive world - a world we call ‘a global neighborhood’.

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