Letter from the Chair


Dear Community,

I am honored and privileged to be the Chair of Chickenshed NYC. If you are reading this – you have heard something about us that has sparked your curiosity – thank you! For almost two years we have been building a new and exciting program in NYC that will touch the lives of performers and audiences alike as it has been doing in the UK for over 40 years.

Chickenshed is a musical theatre experience but it is so much more. Chickenshed is a methodology, a community and a family. When my own children joined Chickenshed in London back in 1995 I knew little of what was in store for our family. I was just so pleased that my twins, one with a disability and one without, could do something together. Little did I know that through Chickenshed I would first see the compassionate leader that my son is, the outspoken and courageous woman that my daughter is, and the beguiling sense of humor that my non-verbal son has. Today, my children are young adults but Chickenshed is still a part of their lives whether it is the music my disabled son listens to every day or the vision of a more perfect world that the others continue to pursue.

Chickenshed is just beginning to build its family of learners, performers, and leaders in New York City. Our board members hail from California, London and NYC. We are believers in the vision and are confident that NYC will be a better place for having us here. At Chickenshed we care about one another and make each other better. It is a contagious philosophy, one we very much want to share.

Thank you for your interest in our work and our community.


Shari Sapp
Board Chair
American Friends of Chicken Shed
(aka Chickenshed NYC)