Adventures from The Shed


Jeeves the Robot needs to find his welly boots in time for his playdate with Ella Isa. Can you help him find them? Saturday 10am

Perfect for 2-5 years old Adventures from The Shed are lively immersive performances featuring puppetry, singing, dancing, storytelling and theatrical magic. Children love to move and sing along and their contributions help the adventure unfold.

All performances follow strict COVID health and safety guidelines including: fun individual show backpacks and social distancing pods for kids and their families. All props and surfaces are cleaned in-between each show.


My Little Adventure

This new workshop program for preschoolers is the perfect bridge between Adventures from The Shed performances and Chickenshed Players 1. Using familiar elements from the show itself such as some of the songs and puppets children use their individual backpacks to make up their own adventure during the course of the session under the guidance of professional practitioners.