Lance Martin

Lance was born in San Francisco California on September 9th 1988. At the age of 13 he took an interest in hip hop; dancing around the house down and learning the latest moves from music videos. At the age of 14 Lance’s mother enrolled him in a dance company called “Dance Live” in Riverside California. After a few months Lance found a different company called FBC (Funk Beyond Control) to further his dance training. Lance was promoted to being one of the directors of FBC, where he began making up choreography on his own. Many years of training passed and at the age of 21 Lance made a decision to move to New York, with hopes of finding better opportunities for dance. Upon his arrival Lance immediately found a Hip Hop company called WRT competing at various showcases and competitions throughout the New York area. Lance also took the opportunity to live abroad in China for three months teaching Jazz and Hip Hop. Currently Lance is an assistant director for WRT and teaches full time as a choreographer in the performing arts department at York Preparatory school.