Anit-Racism Commitment

Commitment to Anti-Racism

As an inclusive theatre company for children and youth whose motto is “when everyone is included everyone flourishes”, we recognize diversity is at the heart of what we do. At the same time, we are acutely aware that despite our intentions our BIPOC diversity is currently inadequate. We need their voices.

Our commitment is to make our actions match our intentions. We recognize that it is not enough to reject racism. We must be anti-racist, meaning that we regularly, proactively, and intentionally act to dismantle racism, in ways large and small.

We promise to:

  1. recognize and reject racism while educating ourselves about anti-racist values and behaviors that we can embrace and enact.
  2. analyze, critique, and repair our organizational structures, in order to resolve any racialized power inequities. We will strive to increase the number of persons who are BIPOC at the agenda-setting levels of our organization.
  3. use our artistic endeavors to educate young people about racism and to lift up all voices equitably. We will examine our membership and programming practices and use our inclusive values and methodology to ensure they are anti-racist.
  4. be responsible for anti-racist practices, regardless of our role in the organization. We will develop benchmarks for anti-racism and continually measure our progress in achieving those benchmarks in our board and staff meetings. We will issue transparent, public evaluations of our efforts annually.

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