Terms & Conditions for Online Activities

During this period of social distancing, Chickenshed NYC staff will be working from home and connecting online using a variety of online platforms to communicate and engage with our community.

When using these platforms it is important that you protect yourselves and your families and follow our online code of conduct. The use of these platforms may change as time goes on.

For now, our main methods of working will be:

    1. Zoom, an online live video conferencing service. Guidelines and an agreement for participating in Zoom meetings is further down in this document.
    2. We will also continue to engage with our members and interested parties mainly via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you and/or your child/ren engages with us you must follow the online code of conduct, and agree to our terms and conditions at all times.

Parents of younger members please can you ensure that they understand and follow the rules below. These terms may be updated if we change the channels in which we provide content and engage with our community.

    1. All online sessions or activities will be moderated. This means that in addition to the Workshop/Group Leader there will always be a staff member taking part in each session and monitoring the content and activities.
    2. Activity and material delivery may be made available to you via a Google Doc or YouTube link sent to you by email.
    3. Do not share any links you are sent with anyone outside of the session you undertook.
    4. Unless otherwise notified, ChickenshedNYC will assume that all information and permission granted and saved against your record will remain the same for our online activities, including all photo/video/audio/social media consent.
    5. Anyone taking part in the online activities is not permitted to video/photograph/record or use any form of social media to display the activity. The only party allowed to do this is Chickenshed NYC. Our recordings will be used as a record of the activity. Extracts may be shared with other partners for research purposes and on our social media.
    6. You understand that Chickenshed NYC is in no way affiliated with the video conferencing software, and is not responsible for any changes, data loss or software/hardware malfunction as a result of using the equipment. You also agree to their separate terms of use.
    7. Make sure that any activity you engage with or make in your home or garden is safe and that you are not taking risks while doing so. Keep yourself safe. Don’t share anything you don’t want to or anything that feels too personal, complicated or sad. Ensure that parents/carers are happy with what you are planning.
    8. You fully understand that as Chickenshed NYC staff are not providing these services in person, we are unable to provide any direct first aid.
    9. You will not hold Chickenshed NYC responsible for any injury sustained as part of these online sessions. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to monitor their child for signs of sickness, tiredness, injury or anything which may prevent them from taking part.


    1. Arrangements for the date and time of any Zoom meetings will be given to the parent/carer and participant (where appropriate) by the host of the meeting. Hosts will always be a member of Chickenshed NYC staff.
    2. There will be no direct Zoom communication of any kind between Chickenshed NYC staff and the participant outside the agreed discussion. Any necessary communication outside the Zoom meeting will be made through the normal channels of email and phone conversation.
    3. If a parent/carer needs to be in the same room as the participant some of/all of the duration of the session they must also accept and adhere to the Code of Conduct.
    4. Get in touch with the member of staff leading the meeting if you are worried or upset about something and they will deal with this as they would in a normal session.


    1. In videos or images you send in, do not use your full name.
    2. Don’t film things that might reveal your exact address
    3. Wear appropriate clothing.
    4. Keep yourself safe - don’t share something that feels too personal, complicated or sad.