Who We Are

Chickenshed is an inclusive theatre company that began in the UK in 1974. Chickenshed NYC is a young organization bringing that same ethos and unique methodology to the USA. Chickenshed’s mission is to create entertaining and outstanding theatre that celebrates diversity and inspires positive change.

Chickenshed's model of Inclusive Theatre is based in the belief that everyone can flourish when everyone is included. At Chickenshed everyone is welcome, everyone is valued, and together we produce remarkable theatre. We want to break down barriers between people to create a world without labels and where differences no longer divide. At Chickenshed, support is given to those who need it, and given by those who can . We believe that creative activities, self-expression and performance should be available to anyone who has the desire, no matter their background or circumstances. We know that when everyone has the opportunity to shine, amazing things happen.

Chickenshed NYC provides programming for little ones, children and youth through semester-long activities and performances.

Shomee Creators Podcast with Elaine: Talking about inclusive theatre

We can already imagine a day when traditional classes might become obsolete. Like live performances, the pandemic forced Education to move online, and be available over any distance. But as simple as it sounds, for organizations like Chickenshed, that that offers programs designed for children and youths with mixed abilities, there are some very unique challenges to address. For example, how to teach movement to a child that has limited mobility, or how to help a child that is non-verbal feel included? My guest in this episode, Elaine Finkletaub, talks about how Chickenshed has remained unbreakable in its mission to make creative activities, self-expression, and performance available to anyone who has the desire, no matter what their background or circumstances. Not only was only was this an inspiring story to hear, but I think there’s a lot that educators of every type can learn from this small theater company.

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