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My Little Adventure


3:00 - 3:45 PM

Deposits are deducted from the program fee or returned if your child does not take up the place. Once you register for the Fall semester, you will automatically be enrolled in the Spring semester unless you let us know otherwise.
Ages 3-5
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday Programs available
Sep 13
May 30
Financial Aid & Payment Plan options
Annual tuition starts at $807
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday Programs available
Payment Plans & Financial Aid Options
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This is a two semester year long program. Once you register you are automatically enrolled for the full academic year unless you let us know otherwise.

Deposit: This also allows you to see the options for financial aid and payment plans available.


* If you are interested in financial aid or a payment plan we ask for a small deposit today to secure your spot. After checkout we will follow up with more information.

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