Youth Internships

Community Service and Youth Internships are an integral part of Chickenshed NYC's approach to inclusive theatre.

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Youth Internships
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Community Service and Youth Internships are an integral part of Chickenshed NYC's approach to inclusive theatre.

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Our interns are passionate and learn about their personal strengths and weaknesses. They find that they are able to develop skills in leadership, communication, team building, and problem-solving. They are agents of change and acceptance who also have fun during their time with us. Interns interested in careers in the theatrical community will be able to explore all aspects of theatre-making during their time as an Intern.


Interns will take direction from the Artistic Director, and Chickenshed NYC practitioners. They may serve in a number of capacities, including:

  • Production assistance: set up, take down, and help organize logistics for workshops, rehearsals, and productions.
  • Creative support: assist with costuming, costume inventory, set construction, prop creation, script organization and provide input and feedback on the creative theatre-making process as it unfolds.
  • Mentoring: work with younger students, leading them through creative processes, leading by example on inclusion, and supporting their development as young theatre-makers.
  • Performance support: take on additional roles in productions, stand-in for practitioners and serve as swing cast members as may be necessary.
  • Administrative support: assist the company manager with registration, check-in, data collection, and other administrative dutie


The ideal candidate will be a rising Chickenshed Player. Students who are high school are also eligible to apply.

The following characteristics are given priority consideration:

  • A history of strong participation in Chickenshed NYC programs
  • Those who have demonstrated commitment to Chickenshed NYC's principles of inclusion, compassion, empathy, and fun—along with a sincerely expressed willingness to do the assigned work
  • A desire to learn leadership skills, as well as to develop skills in theatre-making crafts.

Why apply for a Chickenshed NYC internship?

In addition to gaining community service hours and honing your leadership and theatrical skills here is another reason why you may wish to apply for an internship with us:

Being a part of Chickenshed changed the way I perceived how theatre should be done. It opened my mind to the possibility of inclusivity and those who don’t get the opportunity to do the things I was grateful enough to experience. It taught me that theatre is an avenue for everybody no matter how old you are or whatever strength you have. Theatre is love, theatre is joy, theatre is creativity, and that is what you get here at Chickenshed. Kellan, Alumni

Youth Internships