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"Chickenshed is the greatest!"

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Mack Shirilla
Web Developer
All thanks to Chickenshed
Our son has taught the entire 4th grade at his school the sign language he knows for Don't stop Believin' and they are performing it at his choral concert in a few weeks.  Thats all thanks to Chickenshed!  Very cool.
He spoke very well.

I was so proud. He spoke very well. I think the Chickenshed program is helping him to be confident in himself when he's up on stage.

Teacher, PS 17 Henry Woodworth
Everyone has a voice!

Not only does each child have a voice, but it’s loud and clear that each Chickenshed player belongs

Chickenshed is the Greatest

Chickenshed has allowed our daughter to gain more confidence in everything she does. Above all, it allows her to be herself! The happiness is contagious amongst the students and truly highlights what every student’s strengths are.