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If you believe that theatre arts should be accessible to everyone then we are the perfect place for you. Being part of Chickenshed NYC allows you to learn about our unique inclusive methodology first-hand as well as develop rewarding relationships with other members of our community.
Current Opportunities Available
From front of house to hosting our coffee lounge we couldn't do what we do without volunteers.
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Youth Internships
Community Service and Youth Internships are an integral part of Chickenshed NYC's approach to inclusive theatre.
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"Chickenshed is the greatest!"

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Mack Shirilla
Web Developer
A terrific organization

Thank you for believing in my daughter and giving her the opportunity to be a part of Chickenshed. You have such a terrific organization that really impacts the lives of children. It’s a wonderful, supportive community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

We are so grateful to partner with Chickenshed NYC

Working at Chickenshed brings so much joy to Michael, who thrives off of being part of a warm, exciting, and accepting community. Michael takes so much joy in being able to contribute to the beautiful work that Chickenshed creates with a diverse group of children. Michael takes great pride in seeing the impact he makes in the lives of others, as he also grows as a professional. We are so grateful to partner with Chickenshed, but most importantly Michael is at a workplace where he feels deeply happy and valued.

Saramax Guttmann
Supportive Employment Counselor
Chickenshed is the Greatest

Chickenshed has allowed our daughter to gain more confidence in everything she does. Above all, it allows her to be herself! The happiness is contagious amongst the students and truly highlights what every student’s strengths are.