Artistic Policy

We are committed to providing an environment where every participant feels welcome, valued and successful.

Through our artistic programs we aim to reflect the lived experiences, opinions and aspirations of the participants and the communities they are a part of. We give each person genuine ownership of the work they do. They have the opportunity to offer their thoughts and ideas through a range of topics. Productions, projects and characters evolve through the interpretation and interaction of cast members and directors. This process creates informed and confident performers.

Participants acquire new and transferable skills through our inclusive theatre process.

By creating an environment where every individual’s contribution is valued and celebrated, participants develop leadership and communication skills that enable them to contribute positively in other areas of their lives.

Participants understand that achievement comes by engaging positively with all of their peers. They are able to appreciate that contributions can be made in a variety of less conventional (but not less effective) ways. This enables them in turn to consider their own contributions and assess whether they too can broaden and develop their existing approaches and potential.

We are aware that all participants are valuable ambassadors of both our performance work and our process. We aim to give our participants a genuine ownership of the work they are part of and that their understanding of inclusion's value will be reflected in all that they do.

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